ClickTouch America

About ClickTouch America.

Robert DeRepentigny, fondateur et actuel président de ClickTouch America.
Robert DeRepentigny, founder and current president of ClickTouch America.

The brief history of a company destined to flourish.

By putting to good use its many years of experience in the custom design and manufacturing of electronic interfaces, ClickTouch America has developed an unrivalled range of products.

With ClickTouch technology making it possible to create incomparable membrane keypads and graphic overlays, in addition to our fast-developing capacitive systems (CTS) and resistive systems (CFS), we’re confident of our ability to surpass our clients’ expectations with innovative, user-friendly, reliable and cost-effective products.

Thanks to the license granted to us in 2003 by our Belgian partner, ClickTouch NV, we take pride in stating that our products now enjoy an enviable international reputation. ClickTouch technology, established today on every continent, is now used in a wide variety of applications, from emergency vehicles to racing cars, from consumer goods to telecommunications, and from medical equipment to industrial controls.

Do you have any projects for man-machine interfaces that require special attention? Don’t hesitate, ClickTouch America is here to ensure your success!


Our Business Philosophy.


Discover the main reasons for our success.

When we founded our company in 2003, we started by identifying the basic principles of success in our business. Among these principles, we determined that a clear and focused business vision would be fundamental.

The second element of our business strategy is the choice of experienced and well-known partners to help us extend our business ties beyond our local market.

With the adoption of this simple strategic approach, we are convinced that these basic principles have helped us achieve our rapid rate of growth. Thus, allowing our expertise and know how to travel so rapidly!

Sales network in North America.

The ClickTouch approach in its simplest expression.


Efficient customer service.

The best management consultants will tell you: a company cannot excel if its clients aren’t completely satisfied with the technical support they’re getting. Our customer-service personnel are dedicated to this, at all times.

Enviable shipment lead-times.

With the rapid evolution of means of communication, lead times for delivery of goods and services have diminished radically. With this in mind, our focus remains the same: to ship your order within the best possible delay!

Extensive quality control.

At ClickTouch America, the quality of your product is never left to chance. In order to make sure you get the very best, we stress three things: choice of materials, high-tech and modern equipment, and stringent control of all processes.