ClickTouch America

Ever onwards.

No company can go on leading its industry if it neglects the need for periodical renewal of equipment. At ClickTouch America, we follow technological innovation very closely, both in machinery and in computing software. Our equipment is kept up to date, and our desire to continue perfecting our methods and processes is far from being an empty daydream. Day after day, this reality motivates our ongoing innovation.


State of the art.


Our research and development program.

At ClickTouch America, developing new applications and perfecting existing products are not random activities. Like any company concerned about maintaining excellence, we invest heavily in research, and we do this in a methodical and carefully though-out way, in order to ensure the ongoing quality of our products.

That is why we use a broad range of measuring instruments to validate every advance. To survive in business, there is no room for error!


Fast prototyping service.

Hastily introducing a new and possibly unperfected product on the market can be risky, and even harmful. In order to avoid frustrating and potentially costly situations for our clients, we offer a complete prototyping service.

Let us know where your uncertainties lie. We can promptly provide you with a functional prototype that will provide answers to all your questions and dispel any doubts.



Always sensitive to the business cycle, we are keenly aware of the fact that our competitiveness rests partly on the automation of our production. Thanks to the recent acquisition of automated equipment and machinery, ClickTouch America is capable of not only small, but also medium production runs, at very competitive prices.