ClickTouch America

Achieving quality, one step at a time.

In business, building one’s reputation isn’t easy: it takes both material and financial resources. At ClickTouch America, we firmly believe that the trust that we have developed with our clients over the years depends mainly on one very important point: a rigorous quality-control applied systematically to every single one our products.

Our insistence upon continuous testing before, during, and after production goes a long way towards explaining why our products consistently attain such a high level of reliability and performance. Here are a few points that we control in order to ensure the quality of our products:


Certified materials.

All materials delivered by our suppliers are verified before being placed in inventory, so that we are able to spot any changes that can risk altering the operation of our products.

Furthermore, the assemblies obtained with these materials are regularly controlled in an environmentally controlled chamber, which we have found to be invaluable for serious and reliable testing. These tests are meant to detect and eliminate any problems that can arise when our products are exposed to sudden changes in temperature.

Design process control.

When it comes to questions of quality, we have developed the ability to conceptualize our products with a strict and dependable methodology.

The consistency of our design concepts is based on comprehensive internal documentation, elaborated by our design department based on the ISO 9001 norm.

Perfected silk-screening.

Our promise of quality isn’t limited to our design process.

In our silkscreening department, at the beginning of our manufacturing process, strictly controlled processes are combined with ultramodern equipment, such as a photo spectrometer and ultraviolet ovens, to ensure the highest standards in printing.


Qualified assembly team.

Our assembly department is staffed by a dynamic group of people in charge of giving careful shape to each one of our products. They are the key players at the heart of our company. In fact, the successful completion of our extensive manufacturing process, which begins when we get an order, depends on them.

For this reason, our assembly department is the sector where a good deal of our testing is carried out.

Rigorous activation tests.

In order to verify the actuation behaviour of all our membrane keypads, a sample of each manufactured batch is bench-tested. The exacting quality-control achieved during production extends beyond the shipment of orders, in order to allow us to detect the slightest defect, however unlikely that may be.

Therefore, thanks to a piece of equipment specially designed to reproduce several millions of actuations, we are in a position to guarantee the absolute reliability of ClickTouch technology.

Meticulous circuit control.

With software specially programmed for the analysis and evaluation of our circuits, our quality controllers verify the electrical operation of every key and of every other component included in our keypads.

Furthermore, to ensure that our products and the materials that go into their manufacture can be traced after delivery to our clients, all results retrieved from tests conducted in the factory are held in a database ready for archiving.