ClickTouch America

Graphic overlays embossed
with ClickTouch technology.


Same formula, same success!

Any good chef will tell you: only quality ingredients combined with first-rate skills will produce the very best results. At ClickTouch America, we are convinced that with our expertise, our capacity to innovate, our flexibility and especially with our unique ClickTouch technology, we have all we need to surpass your highest expectations.

Now that the table is set, enjoy!


Hard to find a more elegant solution at a better price.

More durable than standard labels, our overlays are a better choice to cover metal or plastic cases.

Graphic overlays, these thin parts made from a durable, printed polyester film represent an important part of today’s automated-interface market.

Often found on the control panels of industrial machinery combined with mechanical switches, these simple and aesthetic products usually have a back adhesive that allows easy application of the overlay to its support.

Much more appealing and distinctive when they are embossed, graphic overlays clearly benefit from being thermoformed using our unique ClickTouch technology.

When applied to an existing control panel, or even when laminated on a backplate, the applications associated to this well-known product have one thing in common: they are cost-effective.


Specific advantages of our graphic overlays.


Ease of assembly.

Laminated directly onto a plastic or metal surface, our overlays are ideal when combined with microswitch technology. Only one step is needed: remove the adhesive protector from the back of the overlay, and you’re done!



For covering push-buttons on a control panel, our embossed graphic overlays are the perfect choice. Their graphic and mechanical qualities are undeniable, and both their unit and integration costs are remarkably low.



Thanks to the ultra-resistant conductive shorting pads which are printed underneath the embossed keys, our overlays have the distinct advantage of being compatible with printed circuit boards (PCB). Reduced to their simplest expression, ClickTouch America’s products share a single purpose: to work efficiently every time.

graphic overlays produced by Clicktouch America zoom
From simple to more complex shapes, our overlays fit in
recessed areas with the least possible tolerance.