ClickTouch America

Our pride? Incomparable membrane keypads.

Without a doubt.

Your search for reliable specialists in the field of membrane keypads ends here. At ClickTouch America, you have a partner you can count on!

For years, our team has directed all its efforts towards perfecting and promoting Clicktouch technology in order to offer you the best thermoformed tactile keys.

See it for yourself.


Unique characteristics of ClickTouch technology.


While many manufacturing companies in our field fail to achieve success in the membrane-keypad market, the ClickTouch team has already set the standard in custom control panels. Of course, it’s all due to our thermoforming process!

Here are the main advantages that only our unique thermoformed process can offer, changing standard graphic elements to high tactile keys:

membrane switch produced by Clicktouch America zoom


Our thermoformed tactile keys are guaranteed up to five million actuations.*

resistant membrane switches produced by CTA zoom

Long key-travel.

The displacement of the keys can reach 0.078” (2mm).

membrane keypad manufacturing zoom

Backlit keys without compromising tactile response.

Our technology permits the lighting of the entire surface of our tactile keys.

hand and tactile membrane keypad zoom

Tactile key response adapted to your needs.

The sensitivity of the key can be adjusted, from soft to hard.

membrane switch with no metal dome zoom

No moving metal parts.

Despite the perceived “click” felt beneath the key, no metal dome is used in our keypads.

beautiful membrane switches and keypads zoom

Graphic diversity.

A large assortment of key shapes and sizes is available to enhance the design of your keypad.


Resistance to changes in temperature.

Operation of our tactile keys is stable in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 67°C.

membrane switches protection process manufacturing zoom

Superior wear resistance.

Our “Linde Photocure” process protects our keypads from scratches and abrasion, as well as from most chemicals.


* Under normal conditions of use.