ClickTouch America

A brief history of membrane keypads.


Introduced on the market about thirty years ago, the membrane keypad initially encountered a few obstacles, caused in part by the limited lifespan of the materials that were used at the time. Furthermore, what really harmed the early development of this otherwise promising product was the disadvantage of its poor tactile response.

Even if the quality of membrane keypads offered by our competitors is, in general, distinctly superior to what was offered in the past, many users still miss the old-fashioned push-button keypad. The explanation is simple: our competitors’ standard membrane keypads still fail to provide complete satisfaction due to poor tactile effects!

Arrogant and pretentious, The ClickTouch team? Of course not! We are simply convinced that the thermoformed tactile keys on our membrane keypads allow for a unique experience at your fingertips… finally!

Typical membrane switch produced by our
competitors in the early 1980s.

Curious in making the discovery yourselves? Stop hesitating! Our customer service personnel will make it their priority in sending samples as quickly as possible.

Finally, tactile membrane keypads have risen
to the level of your expectations!

Example of membrane switches product of Clicktouch America zoom
Keypad produced by ClickTouch America,
with tactile keys of varying shapes
and integrated diode.

Our Belgian partner, ClickTouch NV, has continued to prosper ever since launching its ClickTouch technology in the mid-1980s. At that time, any lingering doubts about membrane keypads became a thing of the past, and the innovative process of key-shaping has steadily gained ground.

Today, ClickTouch NV can claim responsibility for the rise all over Europe of an entirely new way of looking at this ingenious man-machine interface, the membrane keypad.

keypad produced by clicktouchamerica zoom
Keypad produced by ClickTouch America,
where the high tactile effect easily
surpasses that of one with a metal dome.

Here’s why ClickTouch America can offer, since 2003, membrane keypads where a distinct tactile effect supasses that of traditional, metal dome keypads offered by the competition.

Eager and still as determined to promote the ClickTouch technology to our continent, we are convinced that our unique thermoforming process, aimed at transforming simple buttons into superior tactile keys, will provide all the ergonomic performance of old-fashioned mechanical push-buttons, with the added advantage of being absolutely impervious to dust and water.