ClickTouch America

Membrane keypads with a range of available options.

Are you looking for a custom control panel equipped with a specific type of protective shield or background lighting? Or do you require increased waterproofing, making your membrane keypad impervious to liquids?

No problem! ClickTouch America can provide all of these and much more. In addition to its wide range of brand-specific mechanical and graphic features, ClickTouch technology can also include all the usual options associated with tactile and non-tactile membrane keypads offered by our competitors.

Everything to simplify your life!


To learn more on our wide range of options that the ClickTouch technology offers for the design of your membrane keypads, don’t hesitate! Consult our technical design guide or contact our sales department, our sales technicians will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.



An electroluminescent (EL) or fibre-optic lamp can be incorporated within the construction in order to illuminate any number of tactile keys and/or graphics on your keypad.


Embedded components.

Our keypads can integrate a large variety of electrical components such as light emitting diodes (LEDs), resistors, piezo sensors, dust and humidity filters, and more.

Full shielded ClickTouch membrane keypad with changeable insert,
ITO filter, LEDs and fiber optic backlighting.
Shielded ClickTouch membrane keypad with LEDs.


The addition of a waterproof perimeter gasket allows us to obtain a protection against liquid infiltration able to reach standards such as Nema 4X and IP67.



In order to counter radioelectric and electromagnetic (RFI/EMI/ESD) frequencies that could escape from or get into the keypads, different types of protective shields are available.


And don’t forget the extras, compliments of ClickTouch America.


In addition to the electronic components and other elements that can be added to our membrane keypads, ClickTouch America strives for the same goal: to offer you more and better than the products offered by the competition.

Thus, by offering you a further range of options just as interesting yet rarely offered on the market, our custom membrane keypads successfully stand out from the competition. Here are some examples:


A selection of surface finishes, thanks to the “Linde Photocure” process.


To ensure the durability of our thermoformed tactile keys, the texture applied to the raw material must be able to resist a very high level of mechanical stress.

The “Linde Photocure” process, used in conjunction with ClickTouch technology, guarantees the longevity of our membrane keypads and graphic overlays. Furthermore, this process has the advantage of permitting a wide choice of surface finishes. And when this feature is added to the numerous graphic possibilities offered by our embossed tactile keys, the appeal of the combination is unmatched.


Conductive and transparent polymer ink.


Illuminating the entire surface of a thermoformed tactile key without revealing its foot print or circuitry was something inconceivable a few years ago.

Always eager to keep up with the development of new products and materials, we regularly attend exhibitions specializing in screen printing and electronics. ClickTouch America worked very hard to introduce this new transparent conductive ink into its membrane keypads as soon as it appeared on the market.



Superior circuit protection against humidity.


In the membrane-keypad industry, the use of insulating dielectric ink to protect the conductive traces on the flex cable is common practice.

However, the use of an anisotropic insulator printed upon the contact extremities is much less widespread in North America. More efficient by far than the conventional printed carbon, this thin layer of conductive ink aims at better countering the effect of humidity on the cable. At ClickTouch America, this protection is the norm.


Serial number printed on our products.


Like most printing-related industries, the labelling industry has evolved significantly in recent years, after a long period of stagnation.

ClickTouch America was quick to invest in an advanced device capable of printing directly onto the plastic material of our circuits, as soon as it became available. The laborious task of printing tiny labels and fixing them individually onto each membrane keypad and graphic overlay has become a thing of the past!

Should you have any special requests regarding the identification of your keypads, be sure to let us know! Numerous options are now available.


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