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Available related products.

In order to respond to our clients’ increasingly varied demands, we at ClickTouch America have introduced a broad range of products which complement our main areas of expertise.

From producing membrane keypads, capacitive and resistive systems as well as graphic overlays, the trust we have earned from our clients has inspired us to devote efforts to the development of reliable and innovative solutions. Here are a few examples:


Clear heating-film.

Capable of being made entirely transparent should the job require it, this extremely thin and durable product is suitable for various uses. For example, it can be an excellent choice to ensure proper functionality of liquid-crystal displays (LCD) in low temperatures.


Various electrical sensors.

Whether it is for large-scale multimedia stage-productions, such as the one we worked on for the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, or for any type of industrial application, the ClickTouch America team is always ready to explore new activities that demand that we devise related solutions that are both cutting-edge and ingenious.


Complex cutting and printing.

Thanks to our factory’s state-of-the-art equipment, we can print our products on a variety of substrates. Do you have specific cutting needs? Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team; we’re sure we can come up with a solution that will fit your requirements.

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