ClickTouch America

Yes, retrofitting an old product is possible!

Original keypad upon arrival at our factory.
example of restored membrane keypad zoom
Restored keypad… ready for work!

Has your control panel seen better days?
Give it to us, we’ll give it an extreme make over!

In a time where our ecological conscious is sought after by environmentalist all over the world, the ClickTouch America team has decided to partake in this cause by developing an environmentally friendly service.

Having taken a long, hard look at manufacturing equipment, we realized that the restoration and refurbishing of membrane keypads and other control panels that are outdated or no longer functional can be a profitable.

In fact, we don’t think it’s a good idea to discard costly, specialised machinery, when we can quite easily give it a new lease on life, thanks to an all-new keypad based on ClickTouch technology!


Discover our green side.

At ClickTouch America, the restoration of old keypads has inspired us to take up new, sometimes complex challenges. While providing this service seems of low interest to our competitors, our retrofitting programs confirms that we are responding to a growing need.

See how this option can be profitable.

Original keypad.
Example of membrane keypad restored by Clicktouch zoom
Keypad restored by ClickTouch America.