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Overview of services offered by ClickTouch America.


Although many factors contribute to building a company’s reputation, at ClickTouch America, we are convinced that the key to our success lies in the quality and the diversity of our services.

Here are the reasons, in our opinion, that assure our continuously growing success.


We aim to please!


Close follow-ups with our clients.

Our commitment to serve our clients begins with our initial communication. Our purpose is simple: we want to ensure fluid communication and high-level technical support at all times.

Thus, in order to ensure direct and continuous communication with our client, our customer service personnel and sales representatives are attentive to every step in the evolution of ongoing projects.


Complete service for graphic design.

If you need a few suggestions for graphic ideas at the outset of a membrane switch or graphic overlay project, or if you are looking for design recommendations, our designers can provide expert advice.

In order to explore the multiple graphic possibilities that the Clicktouch technology can provide, our graphic designers work with our European partner, ClickTouch NV, in addition to consulting with other professionals in fields related to our own. In this way, we keep up to date in new design trends.


A versatile team with engineering experience.

We take great care in the successful completion of each and every project, and we’re eager that the results should surpass your highest expectations. For these reasons, our engineers personally oversee the complete development, both mechanically and electrically, of each one of our products.

To achieve this, our engineers stay in constant touch with our suppliers, in addition to participating in all the major electronic tradeshows, so that they can be kept well informed of any new available product.


Fast prototyping service.

In order to offer our clients a complete prototyping service, the ClickTouch America team has made major investments in the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, including laser cutting technologies and digital printing.

We have found this investment to be very sound, and, as a result, we are pleased to be able to offer functional prototypes with incomparable lead-times, at surprisingly competitive costs.


Flexibility on production volume.


Specializing in producing small to medium-sized volumes, our company is able to produce custom products without compromising lead-times.

In order to respect our commitments towards our valued clients, a stringent and detailed production follow-up is done on a daily basis. Feel free to contact us at all times for the status of your order; our customer service team is standing by.


Value-added program.

Bold and dynamic, the ClickTouch America team has forged close ties with many subcontractors over the years. Today, thanks to these business relations, we’re happy to offer our customers a range of complimentary services.

As a result of our value-added program, we are able to develop projects that are all-inclusive. Are you looking for this kind of service? Our sales representatives can help you pinpoint your specific needs.


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