ClickTouch America

Reliable and proven,
our technology for tactile keys is,
of course, patented.

Having undergone over twenty years of development by our Belgian partner, ClickTouch technology today produces unique “spring-like” tactile keys by means of a high-temperature transformation of the polyester base material. Fully aware of the general advantages generated by this new innovative technology resulting in incomparable custom-made membrane keypads and graphic overlays, ClickTouch NV was granted with patents in Belgium, throughout Europe, and in the United States.

ClickTouch America and ClickTouch NV,
two established keypad manufacturers
on the global market.

Thanks to their distinct mechanical characteristics,
superior tactile keypads produced with the ClickTouch technology
are gaining popularity at the global level.

Exclusive license to ClickTouch America.

Piet Blomme from ClickTouch NV and Robert DeRepentigny from ClickTouch America.

With our twenty years’ of bespoken experience in both designing and manufacturing of membrane keypads and graphic overlays, the ClickTouch America team is proud to be the only company in America offering a unique technology able to produce high tactile keys, placing us head and shoulders above our competitors.

In need of a change? ClickTouch technology is at your fingertips!


ClickTouch NV, a prominent and well-known partner.

As a membrane keypad manufacturer since 1986, our Belgian partner, ClickTouch NV, have dedicated years of effort to the development and production of a unique thermoforming process, aimed at producing more efficient tactile keys, the ClickTouch technology. Their work has been amply rewarded, since this technology continues to surpass all products offered by the competition, both by its graphic quality and, especially, by its unequalled durability, reliability and tactile response.


ClickTouch NV continues to offer, through its extensive distribution network in Europe, not only membrane keypads and graphic overlays with incomparable tactile keys, but even more: a wide range of related products, all equally innovative, all at extremely competitive prices.

We invite you to see for yourself why we at ClickTouch America consider it a privilege to have a partner of this stature!

  • Unequalled tactile effectUnequalled tactile effect
  • Greater durabilityGreater durability
  • Wide variety of keysWide variety of keys