ClickTouch America

Durable tactile keypads
with a lifespan of up to five million actuations?
Impossible to find better!

All our membrane keypads and
graphic overlays are mounted on a test bench
before being shipped to our client.

The activation tests conducted on our
thermoformed tactile keys are compiled
in a database in conformance with
our quality system.
Membrane keypad where the tactile effect
has been obtained using the exclusive
ClickTouch thermoforming process.

Who hasn’t been disappointed by the substandard performance of a newly-purchased domestic device? The most nostalgic among us might even go so far as to recall a time when the robust design of their old stoves, coffee makers, or dishwashers were nearly indestructible.

With ClickTouch technology, we are confident that even the most sceptic will marvel at the incomparable lifespan of our membrane keypads and graphic overlays found on these very devices. The reason for the net superiority of our control panels to those of our competitors? The answer is simple:

The absence of metal domes in our tactile keypads’ construction.

Therefore, by using our patented thermoformed keys instead of traditional metal domes, we radically extend the longevity and the reliability of our membrane keypads, in comparison to those offered by our competitors.

Someone had to think of it!