ClickTouch America

Our goal?
To offer you the very best
in tactile membrane keypads!

At ClickTouch America, we are convinced that we can satisfy our clients by offering them a product that is at once appealing, reliable, and cost-effective. Indeed, most other manufacturers of membrane keypads and graphic overlays can do that too. However, thanks to our unique thermoforming process, better known as “ClickTouch technology“, we also believe that we can surpass your expectations for high-tactile keypads, where others may achieve sub-standard results. We invite you to be the judge.


No compromise on tactile effect.


No problem.

Do you require a membrane keypad or a graphic overlay that can be used in low light, without compromising the tactile response of your keys? The addition of a fibre-optic or electroluminescent lamp during keypad or graphic overlay assembly provides, without a doubt, added value to the finished product. Satisfaction guaranteed both day and night!


Shield required?
Tactile response is guaranteed.

Shielding against radio electric or electromagnetic frequency signals (EMI, RFI, ESD) is sometimes required in a membrane keypad. Like other keypad manufacturers, ClickTouch America can do it. However, only we can offer this shielding without compromising the high-tactile effect of our membrane switches.


Personalising your keypads?
Nothing could be easier.

Many of our clients are looking for membrane keypads and graphic overlays that can be quickly and inexpensively personalised. ClickTouch technology allows you to customize the graphics on your keys by way of a removable insert, without affecting the tactile effect of the thermoformed keys. Hard to find a better solution!