ClickTouch America

Keypads offering a longer key travel?
Only we can supply that!

The main feature of our product, the one that distinguishes ClickTouch membrane keypads and graphic overlays from our competitors’ products, is the noticeable presence of a shoulder, of variable depth, along the perimeter of our thermoformed tactile keys.

ClickTouch's high tactile membrane keypad

Not only does this shoulder add visible relief to our control panels, a detail not to be overlooked for aesthetic reasons. Better yet, it allows an unrivalled vertical travel capacity when actuated, a mechanical feature highly valued in manufactured products.

Hard to find a better solution!

Greatly appreciated by our clients in search of high tactile keys offering a long vertical travel, the ClickTouch technology helps distinguish our custom control panels from all metal dome keypads offered by the competition.

This shoulder, resulting from a high-temperature transformation of printed graphic keys, acts as an “elastic spring zone” on the surface of the keypad. By perfectly controlling the height of the key and the depth of the cavity, the vertical tactile key travel can reach up to 0.078” (2mm).

Measurement instrument used to evaluate
key travel on a ClickTouch keypad.
Diagram illustrating the shoulder obtained following a polyester transformation. zoom
Diagram illustrating the shoulder obtained through polyester transformation,
allowing a long key travel.

Have you ever doubted the reliability of the keys on a control panel? With ClickTouch membrane keypads and graphic overlays, be assured that this unpleasant experience has become a thing of the past!