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A unique technology, incomparable tactile keys.
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Finally! Membrane keypads and
graphic overlays that are a cut above.

Membrane switches and graphic overlays – those thin, supple polyester interfaces used as keypads for electric and electronic appliances – have been an integral part of our environment for over twenty-five years. One need only think of the countless control panels on microwave ovens, stoves, vending machines, fax machines, and medical instruments to appreciate their importance.

At ClickTouch America, we have understood that despite the growing popularity of these two technologies, our membrane keypads and graphic overlays must offer much more than the traditional and usual keypads already found on the market.

With the unique thermoforming process developed by our Belgian partner ClickTouch NV, the ClickTouch America team is proud to offer what is indisputably the very finest in membrane keypads.

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At ClickTouch America, the design and manufacture of membrane keypads is based on a unique thermoforming process. As a result, our keypads have mechanical and graphic characteristics that are unequalled by the products of any of our competitors.

Diagram of a ClickTouch key:

Tactile thermoformed key
using the ClickTouch technology

One example of the refinement of ClickTouch America’s products can be seen here, in the presence of the “shoulder”, the slight cavity surrounding each key. ClickTouch America offers products that are both beautiful and incomparably long-lasting. Furthermore, a wide variety of tactile effects can obtained, from very soft to noticeably hard. The choice is yours!

Diagram of a conventional key:

Tactile key with a metal dome
produced by the competition

Images illustrating some of the different products developed and manufactured at ClickTouch America.

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  • Incomparable tactile effectIncomparable tactile effect
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