ClickTouch America

A wide variety of embossed tactile keys.

Although ClickTouch technology provides you membrane keypads and graphic overlays with unequalled tactile response, we don’t stop there. In fact, our technology is made even more effective by the wide range of shapes and sizes that we are able to assign to our thermoformed tactile keys. Round, square, or oval, the keys on our contol panels can reach dimensions varying between 7 mm (0.275”) and 35 mm (1.375”) in diameter, thereby providing maximum flexibility in response to your specific control-panel needs.

Better yet, ClickTouch technology allows you to select your preferred key-actuation force, varying from soft to hard. In fact, we can even give you the possibility of combining differently shaped buttons on the same custom interface. ClickTouch technology really is an open door to creativity!


Give it a try. You will be charmed.

The pleasure of discovering our wide range of thermoformed tactile key shapes and sizes doesn’t stop there.

In addition to our wide range of key shapes and sizes, we also offer the unique possibility of designing control panels fitted with entirely transparent keys that can be combined with backlighting.

What a bright idea!


The round key.
Our top-model.


The square key.
Increasing in popularity.


The elliptical key.
The new trend.